Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tues Aug 5th

I am trying a different approach to my blog. I always think I have to be a fancy writer and I really am not.  I hate feeling like I have to come up with a title and something good to write about to do a post.  So, I am just going to write about my life and my day.  The date will be my title.  I think this will be easier for me and I will want to post more. 

Here goes my first one ....  Tues Aug 5th

The past couple of days have been awesome.  Yesterday was the best.  I love the days that I have the most energy and I get the most done.  That was yesterday.  I got up and started my day off with reading the Bible and of course, drinking my spark.  

After breakfast, I got a few things done in my office while I waited on my daughter to get ready to go run errands with me.  Off we went - chiropractor, post office, county office, to the bank and then to lunch.  I enjoy when I get to eat lunch with one of my kids.  When we got home it was into the office for a couple of hours.  Man, at the work that I got done.  Even washed, dried, and folded a couple of loads of clothes through out the day.  Dusted and picked up too - all before supper.  Someone with hypothyroid, this is an amazing day. 

I cooked a big supper, pork tenderloin, mac & chs, green beans, broccoli and corn.  My oldest son and my grandbaby came over for dinner.  Lisa was out of town with the softball team.  I love it when they come over, especially my Mary Grace.  Love being a grandma. 

I have learned over the years to enjoy days like yesterday when they come around.  They use to only come around every once and awhile.  However since I started taking the Thermoplus, I think it is really helping.  I have been having some pretty good days the past couple of weeks. 

Having a good day today.  Actually took some time to rest.  Hope you are having a great day ... enjoy!!!

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