Friday, November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving Memories!!!

I am so in love with the new commercial by Publix.  It is about Thanksgiving and family.  It shows how important family is around this holiday - no matter what size your family consists of, such as:  single parent, two of you, just your family or a big family.   It really is a sweet commercial.

I think the commercial really hits home with me because I love Family at Thanksgiving.   To me Thanksgiving is all about Family - no matter what size.  I love having all my family around the table.  The more the merrier.

I have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving at my grandma's.  I LOVE THEM!!  My cousins would come in from Alabama.   I always loved when they came in because we didn't get to see them often - mostly at Thanksgiving and Easter.  It was a time to spend with cousins.  Whether it was seeing who got to sit in the kitchen to eat - that was always a good thing - you were closer to the food.  Or hiding in the bathroom when it came time to clean dishes.  My grandmother didn't have a dishwasher, so we would hid.

As I grew up I got to help my grandma with food preparation.  My memories are flooding back of helping her clean the turkey.  I can hear her laughing at me getting the insides out.  I always thought it was gross - still do.  She would let us grease down the turkey.  I cook mine differently than she does but I still have vivid memories of helping her with the turkey.

I am so thankful that I got to learn how she made dressing.  Now, she made the best dressing!!  I would have put it up against anyone else's.  In fact, I don't eat any other dressing.  My grandma didn't have a written down recipe so it took me years to learn how she made it.  I loved helping her and getting to do the taste testing.  I still make her dressing today.  Over the years, I have made it my own and I look forward to passing down the none written recipe to my daughter or granddaughter.  Maybe they will take pride in it like I have over the years.

Even though my grandma hasn't been with us for going on 17 years, I still miss her.  All we have now are our memories of those days gone by.  They are sweet, sweet memories and I will always cherish them.

What memories do you have about Thanksgiving?  Did you spend it with a big family?  Grandparents house or your own? 

Monday, November 6, 2017

New chapter ....

It has been a long road over the past year.  So many things I wanted to do but just didn't have the energy or mental awareness to get things done.  I really wanted to keep posting on my blog about my journey with my 2nd cancer but I just didn't feel like it.  I know I shouldn't beat myself up for not doing it.  I had to take care of myself for a change.  That I did .... 

I walked away from something that I loved doing.  I quit the ball field from being the President, Treasurer to running the concession stand.  I really never thought that I would totally walk away but I did.  There have been times when I have missed it but I haven't missed the stress.  I knew for my health, that I had to walk away.  I needed to finally take care of myself. 

Other changes I have made is in my eating.  I have been following the Paleo diet for months now.  I love it!!  I have found for me, it isn't just about losing weight, it is about eating for my body.  I have learned that my body can't handle eating certain foods.  Certain foods wreck havoc on my body.  My body swells, hands break out and I will claw myself to death.  So, I am finding out which foods do this and the main one is gluten.  However, I also have found out that I can't necessarily eat foods that are gluten free either.  I am having to just eat cleanly. 

Another change I have made is changing MLM companies.  I have been with a few different companies over the years.  I am not knocking any company and/or their products.  Not every company is for everyone; and their products also.  I have finally found a company for works for me.  I am so in love with their products for weight loss.  I am finally losing weight.  The pounds are just falling off!!!  I have lost of 10 inches all over - 6 of them being in my stomach area. 

This company has more products than weight loss.  They have products for almost every area of your life.  Their motto is:  Living Clean!!  I have tried their shampoo - conditioner - dish soap (love it) - clean wipes and their awesome liquid collagen.  I am loving that these products are NOT TOXIC!!  This to me is so important.  I am currently working on changing some of the other products in my house with what they offer - laundry detergent - dishwasher pods and lotions. 

Not only is this companies products are great so are the comp plans.  This company offers 2 different ways to make money - as a customer and as a social marketer.  You can earn free products and/or money.  I love the group of people that I am aligning myself with from my upline to my crossline.  They are amazing & wonderful people!!! 

I really pray and hope that I get to be on here more than I have before.  There are so many things I want to do and share with people.  So many projects that I am working on ...  menu planning, getting out of debt and the list goes on and on.  I hope you will join me ....  New chapter .... journey continues

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year ... New Steps

Image result for images of setting goals
As with any New Year brings new beginnings.  It is a time for each of us to make goals for things we want to accomplish in the new year.  I don't like to set New Year's Resolutions, but set goals instead.  With all that I have been through in 2016, there are things that I would like to change and to do differently in 2017.

Of course, one of the goals that I have set for this year is to get healthier.  With having Cancer last year, I want to be healthier.  I don't to worry about dieting or losing weight.  I just want to concentrate on getting myself healthier - better food choices, exercising, relaxing and taking my vitamins.   This is a tall order for this kind of list, but I am going to keep it simple.  I want to eat food that is healthy for me.  Food that will benefit my body.  I just need to do some type of exercise - walking is the easiest.   Relaxing might be hard, but it is something that I am going to have to do for myself.  My family will just have to get use to it.  haha 

Now taking my vitamins was always a hard one for me.  It seems to be the easiest on my list but I could never remember to take them.   I use to take a brand name for years and I still like this brand but I was taking more than 20 different products.  I could never remember what I had taken and if I had taken anything.  I was going crazy trying to remember to simply take my vitamins.   I have found the best products/company for me.  It is so simple.  As simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

I have been Thriving for 3 weeks now and I can see a change.  It has given me energy that I haven't been having, but I also have to remember that I will be awhile before I am 100%.  In the meantime, I don't have to feel horrible either.  So, I thought I would give Thrive a chance.  What did I have to lose?  It really is easy as 1-2-3.  First thing in the morning, when your feet hit the floor you take your vitamins, not 20 but 2.  Then within in 30 minutes you drink a shake and put on a patch that stays on for 24 hrs.  You are DONE!!  Nothing else.  It has given me energy and it is helping with my appetite.  I am thankful to cousin for posting on facebook that she was Thriving and how well she was doing.

Some other goals I have set in next post .....