Sunday, September 15, 2013

Losing Weight

I have always wondered why I have had a hard time losing weight and keeping it.  I have tried so many different diets and nothing would last for a long period of time.  I would follow what ever diet plan I was on at the time, lose some weight and then I would get tired of that plan.  I would start eating food again and back comes the weight. 

Yes, I am your classic yo-yo dieter.  Boy, at the excuses I would have too. I had some of the best ones.  My favorite one is my thyroid issues. 

If I believed the excuses then I didn't have to face the real issues.  I didn't really want to look for answers.  Why did I need answers?  I knew what I was doing ... right? 

However, I was miserable deep down.  Every time I ate what I knew I shouldn't eat, I was miserable.  The guilt was horrible.  The more miserable I became the more that I ate wrong.  Those comfort foods was calling my name and very loudly.

Even though I was taking AdvoCare products and feeling so much better, especially with the new found energy level.  I was also finding out that no amount of products was just going to take this weight off.  AdvoCare products are the best around but they are still NO magic pills.  You still have to make the right choices.  Really??? 

But how? 

The answer is in the book I just read ... Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst.  The answer to all my questions about losing weight, making the right choices and how I could keep it off was in the Bible the whole time.  To be honest, it isn't somewhere I ever thought to look.  The book "Made to Crave" taught me that I was replacing food for the craving I was having to be closer to God.  We have to put God first in our lives, even in the matter to food. 

So, that it what I am working on now ... making sure I am putting God first.  Let God fill my cravings instead of food.  I want to share what I have found and am still finding.  I promise I will be posting more on my blog than I have in the past.  I hope through my experiences with thyroid issues and trying to lose weight, maybe I can help one other person with their struggle. 

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