Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Helping others ...

It has really been on my mind lately .. of helping others.  And it seems every time I turn around someone is talking about it too.  I watch Joyce Meyer everyday and she has been talking about helping others and last night at the coupon class, she was talking about helping others. 

It has been amazing to watch all the help that has went on in our county since the tornado came through just little over two months ago.   They actually had too many bottles of water that they had to plead with people to stop bringing bottled water.  All kinds of people helped in different ways, which ever way they could, whether it was bringing water, swinging a hammer, picking up trash or just simply praying for them.  It has warmed my heart a great deal to see such an out pour of help. 

Yea, we all help when there is a catastrophe, by do we help in our every day life?   How are some ways that we can help people each day?  There are so many ways .... but most important we have to listen to God when he tells/prompts us to help an individual; whether it is paying for the person lunch that is behind you in line, or simply helping someone across the street or to their car. 

The question keeps replaying in my head,  "What am I doing today to help someone?"  So? What can I do to help someone today .....  will let us know who I can find today to help.

What are somethings that you do to help others??  What is a favorite thing that you love to do to help others? Can't wait to hear some stories ....

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