Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Lost ....

Why do I let myself get lost?  I am not meaning going somewhere, but losing myself.  I get way out of balance at times with everything that I have going on that I forget about myself.   I forget to take care of myself, which should be one of my top priorities and at times it isn't even a priority.  Why?

As women, we are pulled in so many different directions - we are mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt - then if we work outside the home, which I am working way too many jobs - that adds, bookkeeper, secretary, school bus driver, Pampered Chef consultant, concession stand manager and anything else that I can find to do.  I didn't even mention the jobs that we do at home - housecleaning, cooking, taxi driver, bookkeeper and the list can go on and on.

I think the main reason is I can't say 'NO'.  I want to make sure that things get done and I do like helping others.  But I have to learn that I can't do it all.  I am so still learning. 

I decided today to try to take a day for myself, at least the morning anyway.  I took a nice long hot bath, read part of a magazine and now enjoying some computer time, and I don't mean working.  

This is my prayer for the week ... that the Lord will help show me to have balance in my life - to learn to say "No" and mean it.  That even though I have always done it all .. that I can't keep doing it all.

I have to take of myself, first.  Why do you think they tell you on the airplane to put your oxygen mask on first?  We are no good to others if we dont' first have oxygen. 

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