Sunday, February 19, 2012

Losing Weight Journey

This weight loss journey is a crazy one, to say the least.   It is really hard on some days and rather easy on the others.  My life has been so crazy for the past month or two that losing weight has been harder for me.  I haven't been planning my meals around my life.  I have been letting life happen and then have to eat whatever I can find.  This isn't good on any diet and especially when you are on the one I am on. 

I would love to put all the blame on my crazy life, but that wouldnt' the truth.  I have been having a hard time staying 100% on plan since Christmas.  It is the sweets that are driving me crazy.  I have to blame in on the cinnamon rolls - oh but they were soooo good.  Now, I am having those darn sweet cravings and having a really hard time getting rid if them.  One good thing though .. when I eat too much sweets I am getting really bad headaches. 

I have got to do the 10 days detox to get all these carb cravings out of my system.  I know that I can do this .. I did it before .. I can do it again.  I am going to get my book, Metabolism Miracle, back out and re-read it.  This way it will get me all pumped back up and re-learn things that I am not doing. 

Even though I have been having slip-ups, I dont' want to be too hard on myself.  I am still doing good most of the time.  I have still lost about 30 pounds and around 25 total inches.  My jeans that I bought that were 4 sizes smaller are becoming bigger on me.  Now, that is a great feeling!!  I am scheduled to take my measurements today.  On this plan, it isnt' about the weight loss it is about the inches.   You weigh and take measurements once a month - and today is the day.  I am so excited to see how much I have lost.  I will share my results.  Even though, I hate pictures of myself I will try to get some on here so that I can share my success. 

Off to re-reading my MM book .... until later

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