Friday, February 7, 2014

Making Changes ....

I have been thinking for the past couple of days the word "Change" and what does it really mean.  I also asked myself what changes in my life do I want to make. 

In order to make a change you have to find an area in your life that you want to change.  For me, there are many areas that I would like to make changes.  Some smaller than other but none the less - changes. 

Of course, the first one being losing weight.  I have been on this journey for a couple of years.  Yes, I have lost weight but there is still more to go.  So there in lies one of my questions to myself - "What changes can I make to lose more weight?"  "Am I eating the best and healthiest that I can eat?"  "Am I taking my Advocare products like I should, every single day?"  My answers are yes and no.  These are areas that I do need to make changes in ...

Another area is my finances.  Yes, we are getting out of debt - and that I am so thankful for the bills we have paid off.  I am also so thankful for the jobs that we both have - and for my Advocare business to be able to pay extra on our debt.  However,  there are some spending changes that I am sure that me and my family can do. 

I am sure some other changes that I could make ... my house cleaning duties, trying to keep a balance in my jobs and making more time for quiet time with God. 

In taking a look at things that you need to change - don't be too hard on yourself.  Be thankful for the changes that you have made over time. 

One small change at a time ... One small step at a time!!

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