Monday, October 13, 2014

Mon, Oct 13th

What a crazy weekend and day.  I had to go to an urgent care on Saturday and found out that I have kidney stones.  I don't like having kidney stones.  They are NOT fun. 

So while I am having some down time I am trying to get some things done.  Thank goodness I have a new book to read.  I would really go crazy if I didn't have one to read.  Got some small projects I have been putting off that I have time to work on now. 

I figured I have two choices:  I can either sit here and grip and complain because I can't do what I had planned or I can enjoy this down time and find something that I can do.  It doesn't help to whine and complain - in fact, it just makes the time worse.  I do believe that everything happens for reason.  Sometimes we just need some down time. 

Off to do some reading ..... I do hope these stones pass quickly though. 

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