Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12

I always have good intentions on writing more on my blog.  I get busy and think I will do it tomorrow and before I know it a few weeks have passed. 

I have been so busy for the month of April and so far into May.  This is always my busy time of year.  I am the manager of the concession stand at the ball fields and this is the busiest time.  I try to find someone to work so I don't have to but then it never works out that way. 

On top of being the manager of the concession stand I am also the President of our local recreation.  I am loving it but it is keeping me busy too.  I am sure that I need to delegate more, but I have such a hard time doing it.  I am going to have to learn to do this because if I don't I am going to get burned out really quickly.   I believe though that this is where God has me and He gives me the grace to do the job.  Thank goodness for His grace. 

I am still doing well with my journey of losing weight.  I am now down 21 pounds!!  I am down 4 sizes since last year.  This is a wonderful thing BUT this means I don't have any clothes to wear this summer.   I am so excited!! I am loving where I am headed.  I am exercising and loving it.  I have never been that way before.  Making the right food choices are getting easier.  There are time it is still hard but it does seems to be a little easier. 

I am going to get a new picture taken and I will post a before and new picture.  I will try to make sure it isn't a month ..... 

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