Saturday, March 28, 2015

Still learning ....

I don't think on this journey I will ever NOT be learning something.  Should we ever stop learning?  I don't think so.  Why would you? 

I really thought I was doing good on my low/no carb eating plan.  BUT I have been slipping and it was all because I was slipping on reading labels.  I know that I have to read labels but I have been slipping on some of them.  So, when I was at the store yesterday I made sure I read ALL labels, even though I might had already read it on that product.  Well .... I found out yesterday that I have been eating things that are NOT within my low/no carb guide.  A couple of them was way off.  So, back to making sure that I read labels so that I can stay within my range. 

When reading labels it amazes me at the difference between - regular, light, no sugar, reduced fat and fat free.  No, I am not an expert, by no means; however, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.   For example - I was reading the label on JIF peanut butter.  I grabbed a jar without really looking what it said - (I read carbs) well this one jar had a large amount of carbs.  I was upset because I had been eating a very small amount but it was still way out of line for me.  Well, I turned it over and noticed that it said Reduced Fat.  So, I compared it to regular peanut butter.  There was a really large difference.  If you are counting carbs it is so much better to NOT eat reduced fat or fat free. 

 I wonder why we think that just because a label says reduced fat or fat free that we can consume it and a lot of time in large amounts.  No wonder I gained weight over the years.  I really thought this was the way to go.  However, they add so many other ingredients to make it taste good that it is going the other way. 

This was a hugh lesson for me.  I know that I have to take the time to read labels.  Don't just assume that it will be ok - sometimes it is and a lot of times it is not.  This lifestyle change is something that I really can't let my guard down ...  I have to pay attention to each thing that goes in my mouth.  

On this journey of losing weight and getting healthy I am still learning ....

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