Friday, April 1, 2011

Crazy life ....

Just when I thought that my life couldn't possible get any crazier ... well it has. 

Just being a mom and wife isnt' enough for me .. oh no.  Like being a mom and wife doesn't come with enough jobs and duties of their own.  I also drive a school bus.  Which I love .. it is the perfect job for a mom.  You get to be off from work when school is out.  but ....

I have also taken on some other part time jobs, because I like keeping busy and I want to get out of debt.  One part time job I have is doing bookkeeping work for our local recreation association.  This doesnt' require alot of hours and I really like doing it.  However, now the rec. has voted me in as treasurer.  So, my bookkeeping duties have now multiplied.  So, it is going pretty well. Oh yea, this job I don't get paid for .. I volunteer those hours. 

Another thing I love doing and right now not making any money at it is ... blogging.  I would love to one day make money doing this, but for now, I am loving just blogging.  I haven't gotten to blog as much lately as I would like, but I am hoping that I will get my schedule under control and be able to blog more. 

Like this isn't enough ... I have another job and I have undertaken this past week.  I am now over the concession stand at our local rec.  The lady that was doing it quit on us and right before our spring season, which is our busiest.  Oh my gosh .. what was I thinking?  I have spent the week trying to get things organized, cleaned and figure out what needs to be done.  It is coming together, but out league play starts this coming Monday.  I hope that I am ready for this ... I do love a good challenge. 

So, if I dont' get to blog as much you will know why and know that I havent' stopped, I am just probably going crazier than I am now.  I am hoping in doing this last job that I will be able to make enough to really put a big dent into our debt.  I am excited about that.  I was going to put it all towards our debt, but I think I am going to divide it into thirds.  First being debt - second put some away for a small vacation this summer (we haven't had one in about 3 yrs) and then third to get somethings done around the house that we have been putting off due to not having any extra money.   But the first and foremost the extra money is going to my debt snowball. 

Even though my life is crazy right now .. I am very thankful that God has given me these opportunities to be able to make the extra money that I have so been praying for.  God does answer prayers .. sometimes they are not what we were thinking. 

One last thing ... I have lost 3 pounds in my weight loss journey.  I am loving doing the WII fit plus. It is a lot of fun.  I am hoping with this working the concession stand I will be able to loss some more weight.  I will be doing a lot of standing and walking.  Now .. just to stay away from the junk food. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! 

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