Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ladies Tea ..

I had a wonderful time yesterday at my sister's church for the annual Ladies Tea.   What a blessing .... 

From left:  Haley (my niece), Mary (my daughter), Lisa, Wanda, Wanda, Millie (my mom)
Ladies hosted a table and decorated their tables.  There were some really pretty tables and no two were alike. My sister decorated her table with frogs ...  Fully Rely On God = FROG!! 

The food was amazing - no matter what my daughter says. 

It was a really nice time spent with family & friends.  Thank you to my sister for inviting me and Mary. 

Mary, my daughter and Me

The best part of the Ladies Tea was the speaker.  Oh!  What a blessing that was .. more than I can put into words.  The speakers name is Linda Hicks and she has an amazing singing voice too!!  What a gift this lady has .. she will have you laughing and crying all at the same time.  She spoke yesterday on "Blooming where God has planted you!"  I have never thought about this, but I am now.

My sister's Frog table

I am hoping that the church taped the message because it is one that I would love to listen over and over and I would love to take some notes.  I just wasnt' thinking yesterday to take some paper & pen to take notes.  I really missed that one ...

The flowers she used to talk about was:

1- The African Violet - it  is a flower that you will bloom no matter what the circumstances is it growing in.  Whether is doesnt' get watered or it gets buried in the ground.  It still blooms.  This one doesn't need all the glory that goes with it.  Do you bloom for God no matter if anyone pays attention to you?

2- The Orchard - This flower blooms for weeks and never fades.  The bloom doesn't wither away for the time that it is blooming.  It will hold true.  Do you keep going in your walk with God?

3- The Rose - Now this flower is the most gorgeous and it grows among thorns.  Enough said on this one .. Do you bloom no matter what your circumstances are?  With whatever your thorns are?

A table at the Ladies Tea
The best part was her speaking about the Sunflower and how the roots of this flower grows way down into the ground to get it's nourishment's.  And when a storm hits the Sunflower may fall over, but with time, it will stand back up, because it's roots go deep.  You can't kill a bloom when the roots are buried deep.  That is what our lives should be ... that no matter what storm is hitting ... and a storm will hit .. that our roots are deep in God's word that we can with stand the storm.

Another table at the Ladies Tea
Do you have roots that are on top of the ground or are your roots deep into the ground?  The way to get your roots deep is by getting into the Word of God.  Don't let your bloom wither away during a storm.  Don't let the storms in life kill your flower!!!  Keep blooming for God!!  Are you "Blooming Where God has you Planted?" 


  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful and the pics are great. Beautiful decorating ladies! So glad you & Mary got to be there. It has been a great desire of mine to host a tea party for probably 2 years now. The day will come though!

  2. It is alot of fun. And I have the perfect speeker .. the lady is amazing.