Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, I am still here ... just been busy.  The new job with the concession stand is going better.  It was overwhelming at first but it is getting better.  I am getting a handle on the whole process.  We, the board, just has a difficult situation that needs to be taken care of .. it is never easy.  

Good news though .. I have lost another pound.  YEA!!  I was afraid with working in the concession and being around all the bad food that I would gain.  I guess all the walking and being on my feet is helping.   I am planning on taking me some "good" food with me.  I am working 4 nights and Saturday I will need to do something. 

I havent' had a lot of time to do anything for me; such as cleaning house, doing the WII or me time.   But I have decided this week that I can't work ALL the time.   I have to find a balance in my life for everything.  It isn't easy, but I have to do it or I will go insane.   So, this week, I am only doing so many hours as my "work time". 

I am interested to see how others handling so many different things.  How do you do it?  Working from home and still managing to run your house too.  Of course, it could be the problem of me having too many part time jobs ... you think? 

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