Wednesday, November 9, 2011

middle of week four ....

I can't believe that I started on this weight loss journey almost four weeks ago.  Time has just flown by ... first time I have said that during a diet.  It is still just that simple and easy.  I remember before that the days would get longer and harder as each day passed in the "Diet World".  Not with this one ....

With other diets I would make a million excuses for slipping and eating something that I wasn't suppose to eat.  I can say .. .that I haven't done it on this one.  I have the Lord to thank for that ... I really haven't missed anything. 

We went out to eat for my daughter's birthday .. O'Charleys .. oh and how I love those rolls .. they just melt in your mouth.  I DIDN"T have ONE!!!  And I can honestly say that I didnt' want one either.  Now, before I would have eaten at least five .. maybe more .. then ate my very bad for you meal.  

I like the way that I am feeling ... my clothes are getting really loose.  I have found shirts in my closet that I can actually wear now.  It isnt' going to be too much longer and I am going to have to go and buy new jeans.  They are sagging, but I want to wait just a little longer.  I won't know what to do when I dont' have to buy Plus size anymore ... not there yet .. but I am on my way. 

This weight has been a burden to me for so long and I just cant' stand myself that I am actually losing weight and am loving the plan that I am on.  I can really see me doing this for life.  The MM plan is the BEST DIET ever!!!!   Not only am I losing weight but I am feeling so much better too.  Gosh at the energy ... that I something that I use to have to take in spells and not too many at that ....

There is so many more things to tell .... will try to check in more often.  Just been so busy reading more and more on this plan and learning all that I can learn. 

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