Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Energy ... finally!!!

Over 25 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  During this time, I have fought to have energy and I mean energy just to get through the simplest tasks.  It was getting worse.  My normal day consisted of .... driving bus in the morning, coming home and sleeping from 30 min to hour and half - depending on how tired I was that morning, then I would get somethings done and before I was to go on bus in afternoon I might lay back down for a few minutes.  It would be all I could do some days to get through my bus route in the afternoons - then I would come home and crash on the sofa.  Some days I wouldn't go to sleep but I couldn't move either.   I would wait til the last possible moment to get up and start supper.  I was noticing that I was getting later and later as time went on.  Supper consisted of something quick and easy.  I sure didn't want to spend alot of time in the kitchen cooking.  After supper I would have to lay back down for a little while so that I could get up and clean the kitchen.  Now, it was getting close to time to go to bed. 

As I look back over those days, I was barely functioning.  I was doing only what I had to do at that moment to get through that day.  My house was starting to take its toll.

But NO more!!  A friend of mine introduced me to Advocare Spark drink.  It is the most amazing thing I have ever come across.  It is loaded in vitamins and minerals, especially B6 & B12.  It is like getting a B12 shot with each drink.  I have had B12 shots before and they didn't work like this drink does.  It has been a very long time since I have had this kind of energy. 

In one day along, I vacuum the bedrooms twice, vacuumed the ceilings in two of the rooms and scrubbed the bathrooms.  Now, I know that might not sound like a lot for some people but for me that was major. 

Since then I have tried several different products from  Advocare and have become an advisor.  I believe in the products and the company that much.  I take the MNS Max 3 - which is a mix of multivitamin, fish oil, calcium and some other vitamins.  There are so many products that they offer - anything from helping you lose weight (24 day challenge) to performance.  There are some great non-paid endorses - Drew Brees is my favorite. 

If you would like more information please go to my website and check things out.  You can click on shop - there will be different categories that you can go under.  If you would like to know what is in a product or what is does - click on that product picture and it will bring up all that information.   If you find something that you would like to try send me a comment on this post and I will give you a discount on your first order.

 I promise you ... you won't be disappointed. 

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