Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things are changing ...

When  your kids are little you see them change with each passing year.  You change their diapers and watch them try to walk.  Then comes them starting school and you think ..13 years seems like a very long time, but it goes so quickly.  

I remember the day that my two oldest kids started kindergarten.  I remember crying as I walked them into their class rooms.  Then came the time for them to graduate from elementary school- now all three of my kids have graduated from elementary school. 

I think the hardest day besides them starting Kindergarten  was when they started high school.  Because I knew that those four years of high school would be the fastest years of their lives.  I was so right!!  Now, I have two of my kids that have graduated from high school and one that is now an 8th grader. 

I miss the days of when the kids were little.  I loved watching them grow up.  Of learning to pull themselves up and learn to walk.  There are the many days of being at the baseball fields .. not sure if I could ever count up those days, especially with two boys that have played.  I wouldn't change anything.  I wouldn't take back one of these days that I either froze or burned up watching my kids play. 

Now, I only have 5 yrs before my last child will graduate from high school.  But with the next five years brings many more changes.  My oldest son is getting married in two months and I am not sure what my son that just graduated will be doing.  Who knows he may be married by the time my daughter graduates.  I may even have grand kids by then.

I can't wait to see what road the Lord leads me down now .... bring on the next five years  and the many changes that will go with it.  Thank You Lord for the years that I have had with my kids ... I am blessed beyond measure!!!!

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