Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So much going on ...

My life is always busy but this time year is worse.  With it being the end of the school year to being full force at the concession stand, but this year is different.  It is busier.  Mark, my middle son, is graduating from high school and Thomas, my oldest is getting married in a couple of months.  I have also added another job to my list of part time jobs and I am saving the best for last ... I have been down with my back. 

I am not sure what I have done to my back, probably working in the concession stand and lifting things.  The pain has been bad at times and has put me in the bed on days.  I have gone to my regular doctor and to an orthopedic, both thinking it is pulled muscles.  Waiting to see if for an MRI to be done to make sure.  With me being hurt I haven't been driving the school bus and I hate it with it being the last two weeks of school.  But there is nothing I can do about it. 

I wonder if God does do things to slow us down.  I wouldn't be surprised if he did this so that I would slow down and take some time to chill out.  I barely had the energy to watch TV or read my book, little along do anything else.  Now you know how it is when mom is down ..nothing in the house gets done.  My family has done pretty good, but my house is a mess.  Are we the only ones that see the mess?  Seriously, they don't see the things laying around as a mess?  Oh well .. having to learn to just chill for the time being. 

I am still losing weight and I have found the best products for energy and helping me lose more weight.  I will tell you all about it in the next post. 

I am excited about my son, Mark, graduating from high school on Friday, May 25th.  It has been a long hard road with him through his school years and I thought I would never make it to this point, but WE DID!!  And I am so proud of him and the person that he has become.  He is just a nice young man  .. that any mom would be proud of.  I am not sure what he is planning to do with the rest of his life, but his life is in God's hands, and I am entrusting Him to guide and lead Mark on his path through life. 

Feels so good to be back ... had computer problems and haven't been able to get on to post any blogs, but got that all worked out.  I am looking forward to posting more on my blog.  Until later .....

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