Monday, December 30, 2013

New York

My daughter and I got to go on a trip of a lifetime this past week.  It has been a dream of my daughter's and me to visit New York City.  She saved her money from working at the concession stand for us to go.  Man, did we have a blast. 

We had three days in the city, we got to see some of the things on our list, but of course, we couldn't see it all.  There were three top things on my must see list ...

One being the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.  It sure didn't let me down.  It was gorgeous with the ice skating rink and everything around it.  We saw the NBC studios and went into the NBC store. 


 Another one was Ground Zero.  I wish I had words for how this effected me.  I remember 9/11 just like it was yesterday but being there was something else.  It was well worth the long wait in line to see the memorial.  Too see the names of the ones that died ... well, I didn't have dry eyes.
And the other one was Central Park.  Oh my ... it was breathe taking to see all the beauty of the park, but then to see the buildings lining the park was spectacular.  I could have stayed there all day.  There were families there; kids playing, people riding bikes, kids playing catch, people walking dogs, people running and walking.  We took the bike tour around the park and got to see lots places that I wanted to see such as:  ice rink (where they filmed part of Home Alone), the fountain (where they filmed several movies including Home Alone 2) and the fountain where they filmed the opening part to Friends and the list goes on and on. 
This trip was such an experience for me and for my daughter.  I was so blessed to have shared this with her.  It will be something I will never ever forget and I will cherish for a lifetime.  We are already planning our return visit.  We want to see more things that we didn't get to see on this visit.  I know that both of us loved New York before going and we are more in love with it after our visit. 
I will share more of our trip and pictures.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the pictures as I did taking them.  Also, of hearing about our visit.  
One thing I learned from this .... Don't ever let a dream go away.  If there is something you are wanting to do or to visit somewhere ... then set your mind to it and DO IT!!  Dreams do come true if you will work at them.  It did for my daughter and I with our visit to New York City.  


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