Saturday, January 4, 2014

Setting Goals

I am working on setting my goals for 2014.  Let me be honest, I have not been good at setting goals.  I just have never really done them before.  I say them in my head but writing them down has never happened. 

So I ask myself, "Why?"  Why have I never been more serious about writing them down.  I guess that way if they don't happen then no one will really know or I can change it from my original goal. 

Not only would I not write them down ... I would never ever tell anyone about my goals.  Oh my gosh ... NO!!  Now, that would have been horrible if someone had heard me say my goals, but if they had seen them wrote down .. the world might have stopped. 

So I guess one of my top goals for this new year, 2014, should be to actually write down my goals.  Baby steps .... one step at a time.  I will work on writing them down this week.  I might even bring myself to posting them .... ok .. one step at a time.

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