Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Goals

As I was reading my daily devotion today out of "Made to Crave, Devotions", it was talking about setting smaller goals.  I got to thinking about this point of view and it does seem to make since and makes you feel better. 

I can't control my circumstances, but I can control my choices.  Setting mini goals - physically and spiritually - positions me for victory.  Set mini-goals.  Faraway goals are hard to hang onto when life drains us. 

So I set out today to see just how many mini-goals I could set for myself and how many I could accomplish.  I am quiet pleased with myself.  With each small goal that I did I count that as a victory, before you know it you have a whole day of victories.  That is an awesome feeling!!  Too, it doesn't seem so bad when I don't meet one of the goals or I forget it - it isn't as big - so you don't feel like such a failure. 

One of my big accomplishments today was - not eating anything from the vending machine at the middle school.  Not that I eat from it everyday but today was big for me.  Two other driver's bought and ate the cupcakes from the machine.  They looked so yummy while they were eating them until I read the package - for both 400 calories & 70 gr of carbohydrates.  That is not good at all!!!  It really didn't look as good to me after that.  Victory for me!!! 

So, with making mini goals each day or each week we can be victorious even when the distance between your present reality and your desired goal seems so far apart. 

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