Thursday, June 12, 2014


I found strength that I didn't realize I had .... but I realized I have had it all along.

For months now, I have been going through some trials.  I was being accused of something that I wasn't doing or nor I have ever done it.  One of the bad things about this one was a friend of mine told me they were checking things out behind my back.  They were trying to find something.  Not once did they ask me and still haven't asked me.

Just when I think maybe things are calming down something else happens and it totally throws me.  Different group of people but once again being accused of doing something that I didn't do.  I am being accused of doing something to hurt someone else.  They are saying that I did it intentially to take something from them.  This hurts me to the core.  This is suppose to be a friend of mine or at least I thought.

The past few months has really broken me and taken me down.  It has really showed me that we can only put our trust in God.  People will lie to your face and pretend that they are your friend.  I think that is what has hurt me the worse is thinking someone is your friend.  Then I realized that money was more important to them than our friendship.

At my lowest this week, I cried out to God - that I couldn't take it anymore.  That I was at the end of my rope and I was barely hanging on.  That is when I felt things change.  I knew God was right there with me and that whatever someone threw my way I could make it through.  He reassured me that I had done nothing wrong in either situation and that he would take care of things.

I have always known that things that happen in our lives happens for a reason.  I kept wondering why I was going through all that I was going through ...  So, I asked God what was I suppose to learn out of all this ... "Strength"  was the one word that I kept hearing.  That I was strong enough to get through this .. .that I was strong enough to keep going.

We are strong enough. When we put our lives in God's hands.  No matter what the trial we are facing God will give us the strength to overcome.  I am living proof of this ...

I am truly GRATEFUL for God's grace, mercy and faithfulness.  Thank You God!!  I truly could not have made it through the past couple of months without you right there with me. 

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