Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 4

I started another Advocare cleanse Monday morning, October 7th.  It is recommended to do one every 90 days and it was time again.  I love doing a cleanse because I always feel so much better. 

I am doing this one not only to cleanse my system but to help me in my journey to lose weight.  I am on day 4 and down 4 lbs.  I am really excited about those pounds gone.  I have been following the eating plan very closely with only a few slip ups.  I really haven't been exercising, really just doing some pilates at night. 

On the 24 day challenge it isn't a diet. It is a lifestyle change.  There is a plan to follow but you get to eat FOOD and every 2-3 hours.  It isn't about starving yourself.  In fact, starving yourself is wrong.  It isn't good for your system and it cause stop your weight loss efforts.  You get to eat fruits, veggies and lean protein. 

You won't believe how hard it is to eat every 2-3 hours.  You think "Yea, right, I can eat all day."  However,  you will be full and find it difficult if not impossible to eat every 2-3 hours.  I thought the same thing at one time. 

I am excited about making these changes in my life.  To finally be able to beat this war with food.  I give all the glory and credit to God.  I have tried many many years to do this on my on, but I can't.  I had to learn to put God first in my eating and learning to do that in other areas of my life. 

This is a journey and I am so glad that I am on it and with God holding my hand ....

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