Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What works for you ....

I have found in my journey to lose weight that you have to find a plan that works best for you and your body. 

Over the years, I have tried diet after diet and of course, my weight would yo-yo.  Go figure.  I even remember back in high school trying to diet and boy was that messed up.  I would skip breakfast or have grapefruit juice, then for lunch I would have a diet dr. pepper and by the time I got home from school I was starving.  Now, that I look back, I bet that was the reason I was passing out during band practice.  I wish I had known better back then. 

Lesson learned .....

I truly believe that the Advocare diet (I hate using that word) plan is a really good one.  It is a well balance of carbs, protein and veggies.  However, it isn't for me and my body.  I would lose weight during the 10 day cleanse but I would put it right back on.  So, I got to thinking and doing some reading.  What I found out was .... too many carbs for my body. 

I had done a low carb diet before Advocare and lost the most weight & inches.  In fact, I didn't put back on the pounds until eating their plan.  So, I am now on day  3 of my low carb eating plan.  I have lost 2 pounds.  I truly do feel better.  I am STILL ON my Advocare products and will continue on those forever.  I believe in the products!!!

With eating too many carbs, even good ones, I was finding that I was staying bloated, swelling, horrible gas & heartburn.  I was going back to eating tums like they were nothing.  I haven't had but 2 in the past 3 days.  My swelling is gone & I am not bloated.  YES!!! 

The plan that I am following is the Metabolism Miracle Diet, by Diane Kraus.  It is wonderful.  You cleanse your system for 8 weeks, by eating really low carbs for 3 meals.  Then after 8 weeks  you gradually start adding back in good carbs.  You stay in the range of 11-20 grams of carbs per meal.  I am going to wait and see what happens when I get to that stage.  I may end up cutting those back.  I just really think that my system can't process carbs very well.  I function so much better on the lower carbs. 

Now, is this something I can do for my lifetime?  To be completely honest with you .... I truly don't know the answer to that one.  I am taking it day by day and meal by meal.  I am praying that the Lord will help me each day to stick to the plan. 

I have to look at this long term and how much better I feel.  I want to be healthier than I have ever been.  I want to live life as I get older - go places and do things. 

So, find what works best for you, your body and your life. 

Get started & DON'T QUIT!!!!!  STICK AND STAY!!!

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