Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday March 6th

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  We have had snow and have missed quite a few days of school.  It has been fun and relaxing it.  I have taken that time for some much needed down time.  Took some time to read and really just relax.  It was nice. 

I have been doing good with the low carb.  I can not lie and say that it has been 100% easy and painless, but it is getting better day by day.  A lot of my cravings are decreasing.  My sweet tooth is even getting a little better.  I am finding more and more things that I am liking to cook and they taste really good too.  Each time that I think about falling off the wagon I just ask myself, "Is it worth it?"  Here lately it has been "NO!"  The scales are going down and it is a great feeling.  I am down another size in blue jeans - now that is an awesome feeling. 

Something I have learned through this journey is this is we do have choices.  We can chose to eat healthy or not.  I know that there are time when it is really hard to make the right choice, but it is still a choice.   I know for me, there were times when I would eat and not even think about it - mindless eating.  I have been paying more and more attention to what actually goes in my mouth.  You have to when you are counting carbs and as closely as I am too.   It is hard at first but I am making a choice to change my lifestyle. 

Journey to continue ......

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