Thursday, March 19, 2015

Low/No Carb

I use to think that it was impossible to eat low/no carb.  When I did this eating plan before I got so bored with the few things that I was eating.  So, I ended up quitting it.  As I have stated before I have went back to eating low/no carbs a few weeks ago.  I am being more creative in my meals and they are so good.  Trying new foods that I have never tried before and really liking them.  The other night I cooked Asparagus and it was good.  It is something that I will definitely cook again and it is on the NO carb list - I can have as much as I want to eat.  That is always a good thing.  

Something I have found that I am really liking and I can make it under my 5mg of carbs so I don't have to count them.  It is pizzas made on the low carb wraps.  Make sure they are the Carb Balance - whole wheat ones - they are 3 net carbs per one.  You can put almost anything on these pizzas.  I have even make grilled ham & cheese.   Here is a picture of my lunch from today - less than 5 net carbs.  Grilled cheese on low carb wraps with sliced tomatoes & crumbled up bacon.  I also have a small amount of Jicama as my fries.  They are really good and as long as you eat less than a cup it is NO carbs.  I am stuffed!!!! (The ketchup is Reduced Sugar 1g carbs for 1 Tbsp)

Here is another pizza that my daughter and I made .... it has jar marinara sauce, cheese, scrambled hamburger meat and sliced tomatoes.  Cook in the oven on 450 until lightly brown and bubbly.  Enjoy!!

This is a lifestyle change for me.  I am so enjoying discovering new foods.  It isn't always easy but it is so worth it.  It is worth how much better I am feeling and watching the pounds come off.  I am down 14 pounds!!!  And the journey continues ....

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