Monday, October 24, 2011

One week down ...

It is really hard to believe that it has been just little over a week since I started on the Metabolism Miracle plan.  I really thought I wouldn't be able to do it .. to stick with the plan.  Just like all the other times.  I never thought that I would be able to walk away from carbs ...ME?  Seriously??? 

BUT I have and it has really been easy.  I don't have carb cravings anymore.  I use to want sweets ALL the time, especially after eating a meal.  I almost always had to have something sweet.  I seriously don't have them anymore.  Really ....

I have really been tempted this weekend to fall off my  plan, and before I would have and not even think twice about it.  Friday night ... was high school football game. I give the band bus ... I was surrounded by all kind of good food .. well fattening foods.  And my friend brought really sweet hot chocolate!!  I only ate a piece of chicken and drank my  water.  NO hot chocolate for me!!  YEA!! 

Then there was Saturday ... college football day.  My family wanted to order pizza.  Helllllooo people I am trying to eat right.  So, I let them order pizza and never had a bite!!  YEA FOR ME!!! 

Oh I am not done yet .... Sunday I had to work my part-time job in the concession stand.  I love french fries .. big weakness!!  I usually eat one all during the time that I am there .. but NOT Sunday.  I didn't have ONE .. NOT ONE!!!!  and in addition to that .. me and one of the umpires has a cheesecake cook-off.  I had made this challenge weeks ago and I didn't want to go back on it.  I LOVE  Cheesecake!!  I only had a teeny tiny taste .. I mean a pea size.  It tasted soooo sweet .. and I really didn't want anymore. 

So, this weekend alone, I have had 5 temptations.  And I passed the test!!  I know it may not always be so easy, but I think the longer I am on this plan then the easier it will be to just walk away.  I won't have to talk myself into NOT eating something.  I just keep telling myself that it isn't worth adding another day to the program.  It is NOT worth stopping everything that I have worked for and am still working for ... to be healthier and to lose weight. 

This MM program .. I find it really strange and wouldn't believe it myself .. but I am not hungry and I am not craving crabs.  I can tell that I am feeling better, but I know that I further to go.  I AM SO EXCITED TO GET TO THE POINT!!  This is a journey that I am loving each step that I am taking ......

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