Monday, October 10, 2011

setting schedule

Well, I have been working on a daily schedule for myself.  I have so many different part-time jobs, then cleaning house, family stuff and well you know the list goes on and on.  So, I have been thinking and working on how to break things down so that I am not overwhelmed all the time. 

I first took a list of my jobs and wrote them down.  Then a list of other things that I wanted or needed to get done.  I looked for calendars to see if that would work .. nothing jumped out at me as being what I needed. 

It finally hit me ... I just simply used the way that I break down my house cleaning.  Hey, it worked for it, why can't it work for other things?  So, that is what I did .. and so far is it working quite well.  Now, remember, these are just suggestions and there are times that I have to adjust my schedule and/or change things around.  But it gives me something to work with ...

Here is what I came up with ....

Publix - grocery shopping
Strip beds
Clean windows/ mirrors
take newspapers to recycle bin
water plants
vacuum all rooms

Bank -Post Office - (If I have deposits)
Bi-Lo (if sales)
empty all trash
clean out fridge/freezer
clean baths & wash rugs
sweep & mop baths

Ingles/ CVS
check sales papers
menu for next week
sweep front porch

Boynton Work - bills/payroll
Concession stand paperwork

Bank - post office
Kim's office for 2nd signature
Office room -
    - file papers
    - balance checkbook
    - clean off desk

sweep & mop hardwoods
mop kitchen
Football games


One thing I have noticed more than anything is I have to put God first each and everyday.  I have to make time for God or my days and weeks just won't work out.  So somewhere in your day .. make time for GOD!!! 

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