Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wed Jan 7th

So much going on in my brain these days.  Got some decisions to make and like always I  always want to make sure that I make the right ones.  How do you make decisions?  Do you just go with your gut and take the plunge?  I have been praying and asking God to send me peace with my decision.  That is the only way I know to make decisions. 

I am looking into going a different direction or with a different company.  It is a different direct marketing company and one that hasn't been around for that long.  I would be one of the few consultants with the company and the only one in my area.  I guess I also question myself - Do I have what it takes to make this work?  To build a team?  Can I dig down and fight for what I really want?  What makes this company different from the one that I am with now?  These are things that I am going over in my mind ..... 

I am reading now "Purpose your purpose - for Women" and it is really good.  Last night the chapter was on surrender.  I am half way through it but boy is it good.  Last night, I surrendered my eating over to God.  I pray that He will take away all the desires & hunger for carbs, sweets and anything else that is not good for me.  I pray that he will give me a thirst for healthy foods and for water, which I don't drink enough of.   I know I will need to pray this each day until I have made sure that I have totally surrendered it all. 

Another thing I have surrendered to God is my finances.  I pray that God will take over every thing to do with money - tithing, getting out of debt, saving and being a good steward of what He gives to us.  I want to make the right choices with our money. 

I pray that God will use me in these two areas help other people.  Both has been a struggle but I have faith that God will bring me through them and that I can bless other people for Him.  I pray He will use me to bless others!!! 

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