Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

It is January 1st, 2015!!  I am excited about the new year and all that it has to offer.  I am ready to put the past year behind me and never look back.   I am going into this new year knowing that I am stronger person.  I can handle whatever the Lord has in store for me, as long as He is with me. 

I have a few goals that I have set for myself in 2015.  Of course, I have made the one of  losing weight.  I want to get healthier in this year.  I want to make the right food choices and I know that the pounds will come off when I am making the right food choices.  I need to exercise more in this new year.  I had some health issues last year that kept me from exercises too much.  I want to change that this year.  At least, just get out and get to walking. 

Another goal I have this year is to read through the Bible again.  I have loved doing this in the past, but I had stopped for the past couple of years.  I wanted to do some devotions and other studies.  I am ready to get back to reading the Bible each day.  I use the Daily Bible by Becky Tirabassi.  It breaks it down into daily reading of the old and new testaments, psalms and proverbs.  She has so many more things that I may try this year.  One thing I am thinking about is her journal.  It is real easy to use.  It could be a template to use in a spiral notebook. 

Another goal that is really important to me is getting organized and decluttering this year.  I am tired of all this stuff around my house.  I am ready to have less .... "Less is More"  I like that phrase.  I found on facebook a program that I am using for 365 days to declutter your house.  It gives small 15 minute things to do each day to work on decluttering your house.  Seems pretty easy to do.  I will keep you updated.

Those are some of the goals that I am working on for 2015.  I just know that I have to do something each day towards these goals.  Nothing too big, just small steps each day.  Almost one day down ... only 364 more to go. 

I pray that you will have a fabulous new year!! That God will Bless and keep you safe in 2015!!!

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