Thursday, February 24, 2011

getting there ...

It has been three days on my new dose of thyroid medication.   I can't really tell a difference yet, but I know that I will get there.  It is hard when you are in this stage ... your tired and really just want to climb in the bed and under the covers.  But I push through it and try to keep moving.  I can function just as long as the numbers aren't running too high.

With having thyroid issues for over 22 yrs .. I have learned to take each day as it comes.  If it is a day that I have a lot of energy, then I try to get things done.  However, if it is one of those days where my energy level isn't really good .. then I do what I can.   I just wish I could learn to lose weight while having this issue.

It makes it harder because like right now, I am up about 10 pounds and no energy to do any exercises.   You go through a kind of depression so I tend to eat more and I want comfort food.  I also find myself eating out more because I dont' want to think about cooking supper. 

That is why I haven't been posting my menu for the week.  I just don't want to think about it ...  and then there is my house and cleaning.  NOT right now!!!   There again .. I do what I can .. the rest will wait on the better day. 

Tomorrow will be one day closer to feeling better .... until then!!!

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