Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weight loss -- Wednesday

These 12 things could be hindering your weight loss journey.   These are very important things to make sure that we are doing what we need to be doing to lose weight and to make sure we don't sabotage ourselves. 

1 - Not exercising enough --  When exercising we have to make sure that we are doing exercises that burn the amount of calories that we are taking in during the day.  Best way to keep up with this is by keeping an exercise journal.  This way you can keep up with the duration of your exercise and keep up with the heart rate.  As they say on Biggest Loser - calories in - calories out!!

2 - Not enough sleep -- There are hormones that are released while we sleep and if we are not getting enough sleep then this could possibly affect the proper sequences of hormone release.  In turn, messing up our losing weight.   Researchers say between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

3 - Too Stressed -- Well, this one could be me.  Who isn't stressed these days?  Many women, including myself, simply manage their feelings with food, eating mindlessly, because food is accessible and quick soothing resource.  So make sure you find something else to do when you are stressed, such as: take a walk, call a friend, read a good book or take a nice hot bath. 

4 - Skipping Meals -- This is definitely a no no.  I know that people think if you skip meals that you will be saving calories, but you are really hindering yourself.  Skipping meals can lead to overeating later in the day and cravings.  It can also cause our bodies to go into starvation mode and start storing fat.  We don't want this to happen.  They say it is best to eat small meals thought-out the day, every 2 to 3 hours to keep from getting hungry.

5 - Taking in Too Many Calories - - You may think that you have cut down on portions, but in reality you may not be.  Here are some examples:  3 oz of protein - deck of cards; 1 cup of rice or pasta - a baseball; an oz of cheese - 2 playing dice.  Keeping a journal would really help in this area.  There are countless website that will count calories for you. 

6 - Drinking too Many Calories --  I know this one all too well, but I really had an eye opener when I was doing the research for my list.  Did you know that a regular soda has 150 - 200 calories, no sugar fruit juice 180 or sweet tea has 150 calories?   Now that doesn't sound really bad.  Well, if you figure up if you drink 3 servings daily of one from the list that is 3500 calories a week.  THAT IS ALOT!!!  So, make sure you are drinking lots of water. 

7 - Too Lax about Diet and Exercise -- I wasn't too sure about this one until I did some reading.  Well, this could be true and I haven't really thought about this before.   Take for example - if you walk and burn 300 calories, but you go to McDonald's and eat a Big Mac with fries, you are defeating your purpose.  Just doesn't equal out.  We need to make sure that it is balancing out - calories in -- calories out!!

8 - Slipping on Weekends -- I just got through doing this one.  I dont' even want to admit what all I ate this past weekend.  I didn't even want to weigh in this week, because I know it will be a gain.   I read that it is better to increase your intake amount, example: instead of 1300 per day increase to 1600 and this will help balance everything out.  That would not of helped me this weekend.  I am just going to put it behind me and try to do better next time.  I think it would help if we planned better, especially when we know that we are going to be around lots of good food!!  Bring your own snack food. 

9 - You're Diet Impatient --  Well, hello, this one has my name all over it.  I want results .. NOW!!  I have to keep reminding myself that I didn't get heavy over night and taking it off isn't going to happen over night, either.  Even though I really want it to happen.  We need to realize that it takes time to see results.  The thing that will make it happen is being consistent in our calories in and calories out.  Stay focused and on track!!

10 --You Might Have a Medical Condition -- This could hinder your weight loss.  If you have decreased in mobility, it could cause you to eat more, because you are having to sit around.  Also, there are some medications that can cause weight gain.  Please check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if any you are currently taken can be sabotaging your weight loss.  I know that having Thyroid conditions can also hinder you.  It can throw up road blocks, but like me, you can't use that as an excuse.  We just have to learn to go around that road block.

11 --You've Reached a Plateau -- This can be a hard one, but you just simply need to adjust your exercise.  Increase it some or just by switching it around can cause pounds to start coming back off.   It could be too that you have more muscle now and it will be a little harder to keep the pounds coming off. 

12 -- You Don't Need to Lose Anymore --  This might seem kind of strange, but it is true.  Your body could be telling you that you are the appropriate weight for your size and height.  If you keep trying to lose more weight than you could lose muscle and slow down your metabolism, because of extremely restrict meal plan to attain and maintain lower weight.  Really ask yourself if you just need to maintain. 

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