Monday, February 7, 2011

Household Monday ....

Well, today is suppose to be household Monday .... all I can say is ""HEELLPPP!!"  I am covered up with work and my house is a mess.   If only I could snap my fingers or twinkle my nose and it all be done.  Now that would be nice.

I havent' had time to get my household schedule done .. I am still working on it.  Well, if I am totally honest .. it is sitting on the corner of my desk collecting dust.  I did get it started and I have worked on it .. but now it sits.   I am doing what has to be done at that moment .. until someone calls and needs something else done. 

I just can't let the minor set back send me into a tail spin.  I have been working too hard trying to get myself better organized so that this won't happen.

I just want to get my taxes done .. then that will be out of the way.  It is consuming me right now ...  So hopefully by next Monday I will have my act back together and have a better report on my getting myself organized.  I would say I should go and read the books again .. but heck, I don't have time to do that. 

until next week ....

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