Friday, February 18, 2011

My week ....

Where do I even begin?  So much going on ... just haven't had time to post on my blog. 

Went to the doctor today for my Thyroid check up and some other things that have been bothering me.  Of course, they could all be from my Thyroid not running right.  It will be a couple of days, before I find out the results from my blood work.  If my problems arent' from that .. well, this it could be something else.  I am sure that it will be my thyroid being out of wack. 

It is been 10 yrs this month, since I have my thyroid surgery and I found out that I had thyroid cancer.   It doesn't seem like it should be that long ago .. I remember it just like it was yesterday.  I am having a PET CT done in the next couple of weeks to make sure that everything checks out ok.  If this one comes back negative then my doctor said that will be it .. no more test.  WHOOO!! HOOO!!  That will be great!!  It will be nice to put it all behind me once and for all. 

The bad part about going to the doctor today, was I had to weigh in ... well it wasn't good.  I was up a couple of pounds since the last time I was there.   Of course, I am having a hard time this week with swelling.  I can barely get my rings off.  I know .. I know .. I need to be drinking MORE WATER!!  I can hear you telling me that now .. nothing I am not telling myself.  This could be a side effect of my thyroid not being right.  I will have to see in a couple of days ..but this weekend I am going to concentrate on WATER!!

I have a very busy weekend .. so I will be posting my usual next week.  I will also update you on my blood work when I hear from the doctor next week. 

Hope you and your family enjoy your weekend!!  Loving the weather that we are having ....

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