Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday ....

Today is Valentine's Day .. A day to tell someone in your life that you LOVE them; whether it be your spouse, kids, parents, siblings or a friend.  I think like a lot of other holidays this one is over commercialized.  I want my husband, kids & friends to tell me they love me, when they are not being forced on them.  I don't want flowers, candy or cards because they HAVE too, because everyone tells them too.  I want it because they are thinking of "ME". 
With all of that being said ... today isn't the perfect or not so perfect Valentine's Day.  I am sick with a touch of a stomach virus.  Big Bummer!!  I was sick last week, running a fever and a cold.  Of course, we don't do a lot things special on this day ..but I feel bad that I haven't even gotten my kids candy or going to be able to cook them a special dinner.  I guess I will have to make it up to them ....

While being sick .. I have had some time to think about things ... household stuff.  I don't think the new system that I have been working on is going to work out in my house.  Not saying it might not work in someone else home, but it just isn't a fit for mine.  That being said .. I am going to work on a new plan.  Kind of the same as the one I tried but just a little different.  I really want to get my kids helping me around the house and they want more and more things; therefore, they can do things to earn money. 

The system I was trying was one from the great books I read by the SLOB sisters.  Like I said before they have a great system, but it just wasn't working for me.  You use a file box with index cards.  You make a card for each and every chore done in the house.  From each day’s task to things that need to be done by the month and seasonal.  You also have a section for dates to remember and a section for addresses and phone numbers. 

Instead of doing the index cards, I am going to use the same kind of system and put it all into a notebook.  I think this will work much better for me.  I can still have the separate sections, but have a different sheet for jobs that have to be done weekly, monthly and seasonal.  This way when my husband or kids want to know what they can do to help they will know where to look.  I am thinking of hanging the weekly sheet on the fridge – each job can me marked off with the initials of the person who did the job. 

I will keep you all updated on the how the notebook is coming along and I promise I will share when I get it all done.  Hopefully this will help your family too ….

Haven’t thought too much today on my menu for the week … hopefully I will get it done by tomorrow. 

Hope you and your family have a “Great Valentine’s Day”!!!  Tell your family you love them!!!

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