Monday, March 7, 2011

Household Monday ....

Well ... it feels great to be back among the living.  It feels nice to have my thyroid running half way descent.  Now, maybe if I would keep a better check on it ... it won't get so out of sorts. 

In my quest to become better organized in the year ... I am not doing so good.   I have fallen behind on my monthly organization challenges.  I haven't done really bad, but I have lost focus.  I was going to have my daughters room done by now, but we haven't finished.  It is not totally my fault.  I am waiting on a lady to get a desk  painted for her room.  Found one a resale shop and  she is going to refinish it and paint it white, but we are still waiting on it.  Got to get some shelves to hang up too.  It sure does look better though. 

And for the month of February, I was going to get my sons room done.  I haven't even started on it.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks we can get his done.  It wont' take as long because he just wants one color and some little paint decorations.  His will look really cool too!!  When it is done ... lol 

I am doing better with my budget!!!  YEA!!  I am really proud of myself ....  I have always cut coupons but never really got the hang of it.  I would always save a few here and few there, but nothing really big.  My sister and I went to a work shop and learned so much.  I figured out what I was doing wrong.  Holy cow!!  I am totally saving money and my kitchen is full of food.  I am trying to get my grocery budget under $600 per month and so far this month, I under.  Not a whole lot, but I am not over, which I normally am.  I cant' wait to have that extra money to go towards a bill to help get us out of debt sooner.  That would be fabulous!!  I am going to try to start taking pictures of my shopping trips.  I am not the best at this yet, but I am doing really good.  Went to Publix today and saved $87 and spent $84 ... got stocked up on laundry detergent and a few other items.  Just think .. before the workshop I would have only saved about $20 in coupons.   To be continued .....

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