Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Now that my Thyroid is running better.  It is time to get back to business of getting this weight off.   No more fooling around ... No more excuses. Which by the way, I have a million of them. 

Biggest Loser, which is one of my favorite shows, was really good last night.  One of the trainers, I think it was Bob, said "Your destiny is waiting on you to turn the corner".   (or something close to that)  My destiny isn't going to happen all by itself.   My corner isn't going to turn all by itself. 

I have to take the time for myself.  I do for everyone else but dont' take time to care for myself.  Who is going to take care of these people if I am gone?  

So let's get with it .... back to the basics.  Calories in ... calories out!!   I am going to start writing down my food intake.  I bought the WII fit plus yesterday and can't wait to hook it up and get moving.  I am really excited about it.    Going back to eating at the table!!!  This habit is hard to break .. love eating at the computer.  And WATER .. WATER .. WATER!!! 

Let's get going ..... Lord be with me .. and you on our journey to a healthier lifestyle!!!

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