Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Season

I think that fall season is my favorite.  The air is getting cooler from the long hot summer days.  The leaves are starting to turn all different gorgeous colors.  I have been seeing yellow, red and some orange.   You just can't get any more prettier than that.

With fall season comes pumpkins, football games, and festivals.

There are all different sizes of pumpkins these days .. from hugh to really small.  Some you can carve and some you can eat.  With carving brings out the artist in everyone.  As for me, I just like the simple eyes, nose and mouth with a few teeth.  Actually, that is all I can do and sometimes it really isnt' the best. 

The festivals come out of the woodwork, during the fall season.   I know in the south, we have festivals every weekend and there is no telling, how many different ones you will be able to find.  Festivals are great to attend - you can find all kinds of crafts from woodworking to jewelry.  Just about anything that you would want to buy.   I know I go through saying, "I can make that", but I never do.

Then there is the food at the festivals.  Not sure what is my favorite.  I love the candied apples, apple cider,  ears of corn cooked in their shuck and the list goes on and on.  I always have the hardest time choosing what I want to eat.    It is a good thing that we do a lot of walking at the festivals, so that I can walk off all the things I am eating.

At my house, fall also means, fires in the backyard and homemade chili.   There is nothing like the smell of a big pot of homemade chili cooking while we are watching football on Saturdays.  The kids love making a fire in the backyard and making smores. 

Everyone has their own favorite seasons that they like, but mine is fall.  I am loving that we are in the fall season.  Now to simply sit and enjoy all that it brings!!!

What is your favorite season and why? 

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