Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas aftermath ...

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  Have you taken down your decorations yet?  Mine are still up ... not sure when I will take mine down .. one day this week. 

I thought I was going to have a nice, quiet and peaceful week, but not this time.  I have had two long time friends of the family to pass away.  Tomorrow will be one funeral and the other one will be the next day.  I don't do well at funerals .. I wish I could avoid them all together .. but it isnt' the right thing to do.  Please pray for the Stephens and Thornton family, this week.  Thank you!!

My family had the best Christmas.  The kids got things they had asked for and my husband and I got the best presents anyone could ever ask for.  My kids wrote a poem and put the words on one of my favorite pictures of them.  I couldn't even read it when I opened it ... my sister had to read it aloud to me.  I just can't express what those words on the paper meant to me.  I honestly do have the BEST kids!!!  I don't think I could love them anymore than I do right now ....

Mary, Thomas, Mark
It snowed here on Christmas day .. I think the last snow we had on Christmas day was 1968 -- I think that is what they said on the news.  It was gorgeous!!!  The kids got out and made a snowman before I got breakfast done.  (We dont' get many snows around here and not like this one.)  It was another great present to have a White Christmas.  Thank you Jesus!!

Thomas & Mary - Christmas Day - 2010
What do you have planned for New Year's?  Do you and your family go to parties?  I would love to hear how other people bring in the New Year!!

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