Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

It is hard to believe that we are out of school today due to "Snow".  Ok, where I live, we don't get snow very often, and especially during December.  I just love Snow - I think it is so gorgeous!!!

With there being Snow on the ground, kids home and fridget temperatures outside - I have had to change my plans for today.  I had intented on going shopping today and getting some more presents bought.  Oh well .. life as a mom ... you have to go with the flow sometimes.

So, instead of shopping today, I am doing some baking.  My sister is buying four of my pound cakes to give as presents, my husband wants one for his office party this Wednesday and of course, my family wants one to eat and then there is one for Christmas day.  So, in total, I have '7' pound cakes to bake this week.  Guess what I am doing since I will be indoors today?  Baking - pound cakes!! 

I promise I will post the recipe this week - I promise.  You will love it!!  It makes the most amazing pound cake.  I have looked everywhere for a really good recipe and a friend of my mom's sent me hers.  I just don't think you can top this one.  So, in between baking them, I will get the recipe posted. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous day - no matter what the weather is outside!!!

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