Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Lists

Can you believe it is less than 20 days until Christmas?  Have you gotten your shopping done yet?  Well, I haven't gotten mine all done.  I have about half - I hope. 

I am working on my list today.  I am making a list of those I have to buy for and what gifts I have already bought.  I am usually already on top of this, but I have been slacking.  I have found that if you don't make some type of list then you will over spend.  I have done this for too many years.  I would spend Christmas eve panicking because I haven't bought a gift for someone or I haven't bought enough for one of my kids.  So, I decided then I wouldn't do that anymore. 

Oh - if you do make a list - take it from me and make sure that you keep that list well hidden.  My oldest son, found my list, that I had thrown away, after Christmas and that was when he found out about Santa Clause.  So, now, they try to find my list.  I keep it well hid and I make sure that I tear it up in little bitty pieces when I am done. 

Do you have a lot to buy for?  Do you make a list?  I would love to hear how some of you keep up with buying gifts for those on your list. 

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  1. Christmas shopping - done! Wrapping - not done :(!
    As far as keeping up with buying gifts, my granddaughters are small so I buy what I'll enjoy. We buy practical gifts for everyone else...our mothers are not hesitant about telling us what they need!