Sunday, December 19, 2010

Still spinning ....

Couldn't sleep this morning ... too much on my mind.  Today is my dad's birthday, for one, and he would have been 68.  It has been 1-1/2 since he past and I still miss him.  I will see him one day ....

Something else that I thinking about is a continuation to yesterday's post.  I have been thinking in more detail on my goals for 2011 and how to break them down.  And I am adding one more to my list - to get my house and my life, De-cluttered!!

So here, is what I have come up with - for starters:

Money Monday - I will be posting how my getting out of debt is coming along.

Weight Loss Wednesday - Of course, here is where I will be sharing my exercise routine and how I am doing losing weight.

De-clutter Friday - This is my day to de-clutter something in my house or in my life.  Whether it be a big space or small small - it will be cleaned!!!

I am so excited about the break down to my week.  I will still be posting recipes and something spiritual.  Just not sure when I will throw those in - you never know.

I hope that you will follow along on this year long journey.  Help me out along the way!!  Hold me accountable!!  And please, please ... share your journey with me. 

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