Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, how does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?

We get together with our extended family.  There are about 35 people, sisters, cousins and their families, that come to my house, for lunch on Thanksgiving.  We have a potluck style luncheon, with everyone bringing a dish or two.  We always have so much food, and really good food too. 

Do you have your menu done?  Here is a look at our menu, hopefully it will give you something to go by. 

Turkey (20 pounds+)  - me
Dressing                     - me
Potato Salad              - me
Green Beans              - me
Sweet Pot. Cass.      - Denise (sister)
Fruit Salad                - mom
Okra                        - Sondra (cousin)
Deviled Eggs             - Sondra & Lori (sister)
Corn Casserole          - Lori
Mac & Cheese         - me
Cream Corn              - mom
Baked Beans             - Kristy (cousin)
Mashed Potato          -Lori
Rolls                          - me

banana pudding   -  Rachael (niece)
cupcakes  -  Denise
Pecan Pie   -  Sondra

Then there is the list of non cooked items - which usually I furnish.
2 liter drinks

Hopefully my list will give you some ideas, if you are having a hard time, on what to serve this Thanksgiving.  Don't over do it, keep things simple. 

It can be overwhelming, if you let it.  I love doing it, and I love having everyone over to eat.  This is the only time that we get to see some cousins, from out of town.  That is one reason why we eat on paper plates, we don't have to wash all those dishes. 

Please take one lesson from me, don't spend your whole time in the kitchen.  I did that for the first couple of years and didn't get to enjoy my company.  Let the food sit - it is good for a hour or two.  Get someone else to help you clean the kitchen.  Just because you are having it at your house, doesn't mean you have to do all the work. 

I will be sharing some of my Thanksgiving recipes with you in the next couple of days.  All except for the dressing - that one is a family secret.  But I will be glad to find a cornbread dressing recipe and post it.  Will also be working on my TO DO LIST for the week of Thanksgiving.  That is another way that I keep my sanity.

Love to hear from you - What are some of your family traditions?  What all does your family cook?  Can't wait to hear ...

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