Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thought for the day ...

Are you one of those people that is waiting for a big miracle to come your way?  Well, there are a couple of them, that I would love to come my way, especially in my financial world.  I would love to just wake up one morning and be debt free or go to the mailbox and there be a hugh check for me.

After having a conversation, about this subject, with a dear friend of mine, I realized that there are many miracles that is happening all around me, and I am not even seeing them.  I am so blinded, by my only looking for a big miracle, I am not seeing, the small ones. 

Whatever size the miracle, it is still a great miracle. 

So, I started opening my eyes, to see, just what I had been missing.  Low and behold, I was missing some great things going on in my life.  How could I be missing these?  My eyes were on the bigger picture and all this time, I was not seeing what was right in front of me. 

There are miracles that happen everyday, in our lives.  We just have to open our eyes to see them.  Take for instance, I got a letter in the mail from my homeowners insurance.  They said that they were dropping my insurance because I had some missing brick/sliding/stucco, from my  house.  Instead  of panicking, I called my agent and asked him about this.  He told me to take some pictures and send them to him.  Well, he called me this morning and told me that everything was taken care of, not to worry.  Thank you Lord, for my miracle.   I passed that test.  (a discussion for another day)

So, open your eyes and see what all kind of miracles you are missing, that are happening right around you.  What have you seen?  I would love for you to share some with me.

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