Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cleaning schedule ....

Now that I am back to getting everything under control  ... I have started back to doing my house cleaning each day.  I got the idea from Fly Lady .  I love her website and have gotten a lot of information from there.  Let me warn you though .. if you have never checked it out and are going to ... it can be very overwhelming.  You dont' have to do everything she does .. just find a few things and go from there.

Anyway, here is my daily cleaning list.  I have changed it around a couple of times and I am still flexible from day to day.  That is what I like about it, but I love having a daily list to go by and my house stays so much cleaner, even with my kids.  Use my list as an example and work it around to fit into your schedule.

1.  Strip beds - wash, remake beds
2.  Clean all windows & mirrors
3.  Vacuum all rooms
4.  Water plants
5.  Take out old newspapers

1.  Empty all trash (trash day is Wednesday)
2.  Clean out fridge
3.  Mop kitchen & bath
4.  Clean bath & wash rugs

1.  Dust furniture
2.  Sweep & mop hardwoods
3.  Check sales papers for coupons
4.  Menu for next week
5.  Sweep front porch

1.  Grocery Shopping
2.  Errands

1.  Laundry room
2.  Clean out purse
3.  Office room
      a.  file papers
      b. write thank you notes
      c. balance checkbook
      d. clear off deck

I will be posting next week things that you can do everyday to help keep your house moving along.  Also, there are things you can do each month in each room to help keep your house decluttered.  Man, I should have been doing this one ... there is no time like the present to get this one started back up.  (New Year, New Me!!!)

What are somethings that you do to keep your house running smoothly and your house clean?  I would love to hear some more ideas ...

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