Monday, January 24, 2011

Household ... Monday

I am so excited to finally get my project for the month of January started, Mary's room.  I have to admit .. I have been putting it off.  Well, didn't want to get started until the kids went back to school.  Then there was the snow.  I have a lot more excuses. 

Anyway, I, we, got started this weekend.  I wish I had taken pictures before we started cleaning out her room.  I am making this time of her wanting to paint her room, as a time to get her to throw things out.  She is a bad pac rat.  She loves to draw and write and wants to save every piece of paper.  Then there is the make-up and hair stuff.  (She is 12)  I am really hoping that she will like her new room and want to keep it really clean.  A mom can hope .. can't she? 

A view of her bed.  She had already taken everything off the walls.

This is her desk area.

We are going to paint it a cream color, with green and a blue.  It is going to look so good when we are through.  I am going to make her a new desk with some shelves hanging on the walls.   I want to give her somewhere to put all her art supplies in and her make-up.  (I hate my baby is growing up.) 

I promise I will post pictures when the room is done.  Like I said before, I really wish I would have taken pictures before we started cleaning.  She might not have liked that though.

I am working on a new system for my house cleaning.  I like the one that I use, but I would like to make it better.  I am putting my own spin on two different, well known, house cleaning systems.  I am hoping to have it done by next Monday, so that I can post it.  I am really excited about this new way.  I know it will help keep me better organized, which is my motto for 2011.  I so want to be MORE organized.  I am tired of things always being so crazy in my life.   All I want to say for now .. it has something to do with a file box.  Any system would be an improvement ....

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