Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu for week

I am so glad to get back to do my weekly menu plan.  I got off from doing it during the holidays and have tried to get back in the swing of things.

If you dont' have a weekly menu plan, you may want to start making one.  I have found that is makes my life so much easier.  I dont' have the family asking me everyday, "What's for supper?"  It also helps cut down on my grocery bill.  I make sure that I have everything on my plan.  It stops those last minute dash to the store to pick up this and that.  If you are like me, you will spend more than you had planned.

Don't fret over doing this .. start small.  Maybe start one or two days at a time.  I started off by asking my family what was some of there favorite dishes.  I made out a list of all of these.  I still have the list and work off of it each week.  I try to make a dish that is a favorite of both of my kids.   They like it too, that on a certain day is their favorite dish.  They get really excited. 

Week ending 29th
Sun.   -  Meatloaf, scalloped potato, green beans
Mon. -  Steak, baked potato
Tues  -  Spaghetti
Wed  -  Fend for yourself
Thurs -  Honey Herbed Chicken, rice, green beans
Fri.   -  Baked Mac & Chs
Sat.  -  Sloppy Joes

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