Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

I have done pretty well on the small things, that I wanted to change, in my journey to losing weight.   Some of the areas haven't been that hard to do, but there are some that I still need to work on.  So far, I am proud of myself, and give myself a big pat on the back. 

#1 -  STOP FREE RANGE EATING - Sitting at table while eating.  Free range eating - taking in of any food while standing, walking, driving, resting, working, bathing, talking on the phone, or watching TV.

  Free Ranging is very dangerous!  It can cause accidents when a free-ranger drops food into his/her lap while trying to wrestle a Whopper and maneuver through traffic with one hand.  Free-Ranging is very Expensive!!  An accident almost always causes an increase in insurance premiums.  Free-Ranging is a Nasty Habit!!  It is one of the causes of obesity, stains on the furniture and carpet, garbled telephone conversations and sticky clickers to the TV.  In fact, all the litter on our highways and in our parks and waterways is caused by careless Free - Rangers.   (This was taken from the book Get Your Act Together by Pam Young and Peggy Jones)

I have found that making myself eat sitting at my table, that I was doing a lot of unconscious eating.  That means there were times I didn't remember eating.  I also found that I wasnt' really enjoying my food.  While I sit at the table and am home by myself, I try to just enjoy the quiet; no reading, no TV, just me and my food.  The two ladies in the book, swear that it will help you lose weight.  I honestly think that it will.   I will keep you all updated on how this is going. 

Next week, will be #2 in the small changes, on my way to losing weight.   Please let me know if you make change #1 and how it has effected you.  Did you see any benefits right off?  What did you think?

I want to leave you this week with a poem, also, from the book Get Your Act Together.

Dear Jenny Craig
by Pam Young

I made myself a sandwich
And something's really weird.
The crumbs are on the counter,
But the sandwich disappeared.

I can't believe I ate it
And I won't admit I did!
I know I ate a bite or two
While I was screwing on the lid
To the gallon jar of mayonnaise,
After licking off the knife
That was standing knee-deep in there
Treading mayo for its life.

I may have eaten just a half
Of that sandwich that I made.
I know I washed some down
With a glass of lemonade
That I poured to quench my awful thirst
After eating guacamole
Or maybe it was taco chips,
Or, no, the crescent roll.  See
I  smeared some peanut butter on the roll
And took a taste,
When my buds relayed the message
That unless I heaped, in haste,
A glob of homemade jelly
On the butter and the roll,
The overall experience
Would leave a gourmet hole.

So I carried out the order,
Drank some milk to wash it down
And when I put the carton back,
You won't believe it but I found
A Snickers Bar I'd started
And didn't have time to finish
So I'd hidden it with forethought
In a box of frozen spinach
Which I bought for just that reason,
'Cause my kids are little snackers.
I've learned from past experiences,
They'll eat you out of crackers
And anything that's chocolate
And everything that's sweet.
They're worse than ants at picnics
When it comes to finding treats.

Which brings me back to wonder
If that's what happened to my sandwich.
Did my children spy my meal
And fail ton understand which
Food is theirs and which is mine?
It' hard to keep things separate.
Those sneaky little snackers
Must have gotten awfully desperate.

Ok, if I did consume it
And I must admit I'm stuffed:
Then where's that little voice I have
That says I've had enough?

I guess it's pretty obvious
By looking at my hips,
That more than fruits and vegetables
Have passed between my lips. 

A small bite here, a swallow there,
Just how much I can't remember,
But according to my scale,
I've gained ten pounds since last September!

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  1. Love the poem! I have a habit of eating at my computer. Nasty habit. Gotta work on that. TTYL!