Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day ....

It has been crazy around here since last night, Sunday.  We got around 8 inches of snow dumped on us last night.  I live in the south, North Georgia area, and we just don't get a lot of snow and we sure don't get 8 inches at one time.  It is really pretty out.  Of course, we have been out of school and my kids are loving it. 

From my front porch down the street -- you can't see the road

From my front porch of my van

Mary in the back yard playing with 2 of our dogs - Ace & Jack
 I am not sure who had the most fun playing in the back yard, Mary or the dogs.  I tried to get, Boston the black lab in the photo, but he wouldn't stay still long enough.   The dogs jumped around the yard like crazy.  My little dog, almost got lost in the snow.  You couldn't see him except for when he was hopping.  It was rather cute. 

Not sure how long this snow will stay around.  The temperatures arent' suppose to get above freezing for the next couple of days, so I guess the kids will have more days off from school.  That I am sure they will be glad.

The kids loved the snow creme that I made for them today.  This is the first time we have had this much snow to make snow creme.  It brought back so many memories of my grandmother. 

I don't mind snow days too badly.  I love sittting my the fire in the fireplace with my cup of coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate and a good book.  Now, that is what winter is all about ....


  1. Cool! We are getting some Wednesday. But, I'm sure that nothing will close down here. They are used to snow in Maine. It's business as usual. lol. Enjoy the snow!

  2. Yea, I am sure the people in the North are making fun of us, but we just aren't equipped for this kind of snow. One town in MS has only one snow plow.

    We are loving it!!! Especially this big of snow ... once in a lifetime!!