Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On the road again ... to lose weight ..

How many times have you said "I am going to lose weight?"  I just dont' think I can count the amount of times that I have tried losing weight.  I have been yo-yo ing with my weight, since high school.  And looking back to those days from here, I could kick myself in the behind.  I wasn't over weight in high school.  But I am wondering if all the insane eating habits that I had is causing the problems that I am having now. 

When I was in high school, I didn't have the best eating habits.  Of course, I was a teenager.  What teenager doesn't have some kind of bad eating habits?  I wouldn't eat much for breakfast or nothing.  For lunch I would drink a DIET soda, which today I cant' stand them, and usually eat nothing else.   Or I would drink a thing of grapefruit juice and eat a candy bar.  Hey, I thought that the acid from the grapefruit juice would burn up the calories from the candy bar.  Not sure if it ever did or not, but I sure did believe it. 

Then when I got home from school, I was starving.  Wonder why?  So, I would cook me a pan of FRIED potatoes.  Oh they were soooo good.  I would cut up the potato and cook in oil, on the stove.  AND I would eat every last one of them!!   Then I would eat supper.  And my mom, would fry everything.  We would have all kind of starches together and then there was the bread. 

I am not sure how, but when I graduated from high school, I weighed 130 pounds.  That is not bad, even with my bad eating habits.  I guess being in the band really helped me out, because I was staying active. 

Then came college.  My eating habits got worse.  I lived on Oreo cookies and Dr. Pepper's.  I honestly didnt' think I could  live without either one of them.  It was a total addiction.  And the food in our cafeteria was good and all fried food.  Of course there were the fast food restaurants .. now what college student doesn't go to them?  The problem with college, was I wasnt' in the band.  I had little or no exercise.  I did walk around campus but that was it.   I would sit and watch one of my roommates exercise all the time.  I use to laugh at her and wonder why she would do all of those sit-ups for.  Well duh???  I wonder if she is still in good shape?  I bet she is ...

My eating problems never got better after getting married.  In fact, they may have gotten worse.  We use to eat at a place called Po Folks.  If you are not from the south you may have never heard of them.  Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about their food.  Oooohhh the fried food ... and the appetizers .. and the desserts.  See, I worked at a bank and we got to be really good friends with the managers at Po Folks.  So, my husband and I got to eat supper there, every night, for FREE.  A lot of times, they would bring us new recipes for us to try.  Most days, my husband and I would both eat an appetizer, main hugh dish and we shared a dessert.  Then we would go home and lay around.  No wonder I gain, most, all of my weight during this time. 

I have never been able to take back off the weight that I have gained over the years.  I always thought that taking Thyroid medication would just make the pounds fall off, but it hasn't and it won't.  I have to make the changes myself. 

I have been making some small changes and I can't wait to see if they are going to work.  There are still areas that I need to work on, but I am headed in the right direction.  I can't wait to share my journey with you on Wednesdays.  

Now, that I have told you some of my story behind the pounds.  I will be sharing in the weeks to come, some of the changes that I am making and if they are working. 

Something to think about:  How much do you think a food addition can come into play?  This is something I am checking into and really thinking about.  I would love to hear what you think about this. 

until next week ....

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  1. I am a food addict. I use it like a druggie uses drugs. It is my drug of choice. Sad but true. I has been my best friend at times and my worst enemy at other times. I think it plays a huge role in my obesity. When I first realized that...I was in shock. I had a hard time digesting that I was an addict. It's a hard realization. I will be checking to see your progress. Stop by my blog when you get a chance. LOVE YA!