Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love Reading ...

I love reading books ... all different kind of books. 

Over the holidays I read The Little House on the Prairie books.  I only read the set that I have, which is five.  I plan on going  to the library and getting the other three.  I have never read them, but I have always loved watching the tv show.  It is one of my all time favorites.  So, one evening with not much to do, I decided I would finally read the books.  Oh my goodness ... I couldn't put them down.  And I thought my life was full of adventure.  Nothing compared to them.   If you want something good to read ... get you The Little House on the Prairie books ... a must read. 

Now, I am reading Joyce Meyer's new book "Power Thoughts".   So far .. it is amazing.   It gives you "12 Strategies to WIN the Battle of the Mind" --

Being positive does not mean we deny the existence of difficulty; it means we believe God is greater than our difficulties.  Believing in God can cause us to win any battle we face.  When we are closed to "positive possibilities" we only see what is right in front of us.

When we think positively, we avoid "making mountains out of molehills."  Negative thinking tends to blow things out of proportion, viewing them as larger and more difficult than they really are. 

These are just of few things that I have highlighted in the book, so far.  I will be sharing more quotes and my opinions on this book. 

What books have you read?  I would love to have more to read this year.  I would love to read books on finances and anything about God.    


  1. Hi Lisa. I love to read, too. But, haven't really had time lately. The things you said about negative thoughts is so true. I am working on that. I have been known to be a "Negative Nancy". lol. Love Ya!

  2. I LOVE the Little House books!!!

    I have been saying PLENTY of negative thoughts to myself, but... God is good and pointed out my errors in thinking (in fact, I just blogged about it!)


  3. Raising Maidens of Virtue is a great book about raising daughters. I feel sure I will read this book MANY times in my life!

  4. Shae - Find a few minutes each day to read. I just love my reading time, whenever I can find it. Yes, it is hard to get out of being a negative nancy. We can work together at this one.

    Melanie - I didn't realize until after reading the Little House and the Prairie books just how much the show was not like the books. Got to finish all the books. I can't wait. I just got through reading your blog. I just love it - you inspire me.

    Heather - I am going to have to check out that book. Wonder if it would help me with Mary. lol